Alpine unveils A110 Pikes Peak to enter American hill climb

Alpine unveils A110 Pikes Peak to enter American hill climb

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Alpine, the French automotive manufacturer, has announced its first-ever entry in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, one of the most challenging races in the world. To compete in this iconic hill climb, Alpine has unveiled the A110 Pikes Peak, a highly specialized and modified version of the A110, designed to cope with the subtleties of the 19.93 km race to the clouds. The A110 Pikes Peak has been converted into a formidable racing machine, featuring intensely pronounced splitters, deflectors, and a huge rear wing generating downforce in the 156 corners of the course. The radical work done on the car is also visible via the side skirts, diffuser, and inlet on the roof to force air into the engine, resulting in nearly 500 horsepower. The car's weight has been reduced to only 950 kilograms to increase its agility and speed.

The Alpine A110 Pikes Peak has been designed with a balance of demonstration, visual impact, and original proportions to ensure the car remains eligible for the Time Attack 1 category, which is depicted in the inclusion of a 'Le Mans-style' shark fin on the rear window that cuts through the massive rear wing. The lights have also been modified to give the car a more aggressive look. Two exceedingly thin laser-cut bars replace the two circles at the front, while the light functions of the rear lights have been shifted into three vertical segments on the side rails and central ridge. The car's unique features, including the bespoke wheels and overall design, give it a formidable appearance, ensuring it stands out on the track.

Alpine is preparing for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb by conducting test runs of the A110 Pikes Peak in Lurcy-Lévis, France. The car will soon welcome its designated Pikes Peak driver, Raphaël Astier, who will get behind the wheel to test the car in its final configuration. The Frenchman, who has already participated in the event four times, will conduct a first session in the Drôme and then at Val Thorens. After that, the team will fly to Colorado Springs to work on their final preparations for the race on 25 June 2023.

Alpine has fully embraced the choice of extremes, demonstration, and visual impact in designing the A110 Pikes Peak, creating a unique car that is set to make a name for itself on the American summits. The A110 Pikes Peak is an impressive feat of engineering and design, embodying the spirit of the iconic hill climb while showcasing the capabilities of Alpine's team. More information about this new challenge for Alpine will be announced soon, and the automotive world waits in anticipation to see how the A110 Pikes Peak will perform.